About Selwyn Marketing and Media

Selwyn is a family-owned business that is an asset to our clients through value-based marketing strategies.





Janice Richardson


Janice has proven herself as a valuable resource in property management and marketing. With over 10 years of experience managing and marketing commercial and retail shopping centers, Janice knows how to attract and retain valuable tenants through beneficial marketing and events. She has organized and overseen dozens of marketing events for properties throughout the Southeast United States. Her ability to involve the community and the tenants in her events has proven to not only increase traffic and revenue for the tenant, it creates a greater value for the commercial space as a whole.


Jon Richardson


Jon has a proven track record in value-added sales and marketing. He has over 10 years of experience applying these techniques successfully in the hydraulics, drive systems, and heavy machinery industries. He is well trained in Sogistics Sales, Wilson Sales, Baker Negotiations and other disciplines. In addition to his background in sales, he also has been licensed as a professional recruiter and as a North Carolina Realtor. Jon has taken his skills in sales and marketing and has applied them successfully to one of his other interests...the internet. Jon started designing and marketing websites 3 years ago with great success. His favorite website is an online calculator website called "CalculatorSolve.com".

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