Lowe Cattle Company

We are a multi-generational farming operation in Southern Kansas.




kobe beef

Our Herd


Our family raises and develops all-natural Red Angus cattle. Multiple generations of our family have spent several decades developing our cattle herd through proven breeding practices. We go out of our way to look for award-winning stock to improve the genetics of our herd and ultimately provide the best products we can offer.

We work with professionals and educators from around the country to find new ways to improve our herd, their environment, and their diet. At Lowe Cattle Company, we blend old-fashioned family farming with the newest proven practices to develop a great beef product.


Akaushi Cattle


In addition to our Red Angus herd, we are now developing our own stock of Akaushi cattle. The Akaushi cattle breed is a DNA-proven ancestor of the famous Kobe region of Japan. In order to officially be labeled as Kobe Beef, it must be raised in that region of Japan. With our stock of Akaushi cattle, we will be able to offer that richly-marbled beef that is highly sought after by high-end restaurants. Adding to the superior texture and marbling, the Akaushi Beef is high in Oleic acid, a heart-healthy fatty acid and has a high ratio or monounsaturated fat to saturated fats.

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