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Lowe Cattle Company is the beef division of Campbell Farms LLC. We are a family owned and operated business that is excited about the beef industry and passionate about production agriculture. Located in the Walnut River Bottom, we enjoy sharing our family farm against the beautiful backdrop of the pastures and fields that we call home. We offer tours of our operation to families and small groups. We pride ourselves on connecting people with their food and give our guests a real and educational experience. With four generations involved on our family farm, I am confident that we have something that almost everyone visiting can relate to. We look forward to sharing the unique dynamic of our diversified operation and how all of our enterprises work together to make our farm work. Our tours are seasonal and your experience will vary depending on the time of year you book your tour. We are open for visitors year round but we do require advanced notice for scheduling purposes.


Our farm is the epicenter of our family and our children help us with daily chores and activities. We live busy lives filled with all the excitement a growing family brings; sports, school performances, and of course 4-H. We are raising our children to be active care-takers of our farm as well!

Follow us on Facebook to learn more about our family farm, events we host, and what steps we are taking to appreciate our past and move toward the future.

Our Family
Lowe Family Photo
Family life around the farm
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