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Ready to Purchase?

We offer pasture-to-plate options for consumers looking to purchase beef directly from the farm. Some people want a better value, while others want the peace of mind that they know exactly how and where their food was produced.

While we can't sell individual steaks in this manner, we do offer 1/4, 1/2 and whole bulk packages of our high-quality beef to fill your freezer. Our calves were born on our farm and raised with generations of their ancestors. We take great pride in our closed herd.

Our Beef


We offer an all-natural Red Angus beef product as well as our Craft beef selection of premium Akaushi beef. Our herd is fully inspected for health defects and fed a corn silage and grain-based ration for 100 days as part of the finishing process.


Our process for raising and developing our herds, combined with award-winning cattle, allows us to offer a great tasting, heart healthy product that you'll be proud to serve.


We currently have grass fed Akaushi Craft Beef available now! 

We are taking orders for 1/4, 1/2 and whole packages, or choose to have your steer grain rationed for 100 day prior to processing. 

If you are interested in purchasing please contact Scott Lowe at, or message us here.

The Ordering Process

Never ordered beef in bulk before?  Let us help you through the process.  This is a great way to get customized beef cuts that your family will love!  Want to take advantage of this value? Gather a few friends willing to split a 1/4 or a 1/2 steer, and SAVE!  Check out our explainer video below for more information on the process!

We are currently not taking orders and deposits through the website.  You can message, call or email to place an order. 

**We will make every effort to use the processor of your choice, but when purchasing a partial steer (1/4 or a 1/2) we may have to request that you use a particular processor in order to group orders together to process an entire steer.  Thank you for your understanding.**

Recommended Processors near Winfield, Kansas

We work with meat processors within a 75 mile radius of our farm.  Here are a few links to our recommended processors. 

Family Tree Meats, Grenola KS


Walnut Valley Packing, El Dorado, Kansas


Jackson's Meat, Hutchinson, Kansas

Jackson Meat's Cut List

Yoder Meats, Yoder, Kansas

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