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Akaushi Beef

Lowe Cattle Company believes in the concept of Craft Beef and raising the best possible product for our consumers. That's why we have made the investment in the Akaushi bloodline cattle. We are currently raising our Akaushi calves for future sale, and are offering a limited number for sale now. Interested in Akaushi Beef?  Read more below to find out why its is the best option available


What is Akaushi beef?

Akaushi (Japanese Red Cattle) originated and evolved in Kumamoto, Japan. 

These red beauties called Akaushi are one of four breeds known collectively as Wagyu. “Wagyu” translates to “Japanese cow.”  Of the four Japanese breeds of cattle, Akaushi is the one known in its native Japan as the “Emperor's Breed.” They were bred and raised to be able to tolerate the intense climate and terrain of the area. Through careful management of their bloodlines, this breed of cattle began to garner the attention of Western cattle farmers. The Japanese Association of Akaushi has documented the lineage and performance of each Akaushi calf born in Japan for the past 60 years.

When compared to other common cattle breeds, Akaushi cattle are superior for many reasons. The cattle naturally store fat throughout the muscle, which is very different from American cattle that tend to store fat on the exterior of the muscle, making the Akaushi meat extremely tender and juicy. Because of this, the breed tend to produce more intense marbling with each cut. This is ultimately due to a combination of both genetics and a carefully managed diet. This marbling is one of the most attractive reasons Akaushi beef has its unique flavor. The more marbling, the juicier and more tender your steak or burger tends to be. With conventional beef, this part of the meat is seen as a large source of unhealthy fats.




What are the health benefits?

Akaushi beef contains a higher concentration of monounsaturated fat relative to saturated fat, which the American Heart Association notes can lead to lower cholesterol, the prevention of coronary heart disease, and weight loss. On a per serving basis, these cattle tend to provide a much higher dose of monounsaturated fatty acids compared to saturated fatty acids. These fats are generally promoted as “Heart Healthy” and are often associated with decreased risks of cardiovascular conditions like heart disease. An added benefit for Akaushi Beef lies in its oleic acid content. A typical serving of ground beef from these Akaushi cattle can contain over nine grams of this beneficial compound.

Why grass fed?

Grass-fed beef has also been found to have a healthier ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. It often contains higher levels of antioxidants like vitamin E and A, too.

Why Lowe Cattle Company Craft Beef?

Over the past four generations, Lowe Cattle Company has been developing our own line of beef that is a unique blend of British (Red Angus, Herford) and Continental (Gelv.) breeds that we 
have taken and bred with Akaushi to offer a unique "Craft Beef" that is only found in the heart of south central Kansas.

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